“Følger av befestelse” (Consequences of Fortification) follows a fictional first person who comes across a collection of things left behind by a disappeared or possibly deceased older woman named Ruth B. Ruth B. spent most of her adult life stationed at different military bases accompanying her husband, a major in the military. In an attempt to formulate an alternative perspective on military history, Ruth B. maps the occurrences of plants as a result of military activity throughout numerous decades, like a camouflaged guerilla historian.

Military activity has had a direct influence on the occurrence of various species. Structures and intervention in landscapes such as walls, mounds, proving grounds and bunkers create new and parallel ecologies while wiping out others. Some species are spread through war and conflict or transportation while others are planted to indicate hierarchies.
Military areas become very specific ecosystems reflecting history in numerous ways.

In collaboration with a botanist the artist has investigated abandoned military areas in south eastern Norway in an attempt to map out plants which through its origin can tell us a story. The documentary material is edited into a fictional framework drawing parallels between the numerous silent, yet vital, bystanders to the military institution.

20 min, HD, stereo. Norwegian w/English subtitles.


Installation in a casemate, a room in the wall at Kongsvinger Fortress, as part of the exhibition “Festningen”, 2019.


Still from video


Still from video


Still from video


Still from video