Igjen, gjennom hjertet (Again, through the Heart)

“Igjen, gjennom hjertet” (Again through the Heart) is based on an extensive archive of film, video, photos and sound from my great-uncle Steinar (1922-2018). The project takes as a starting point his persistent documentation of life and considers how this affected his biography, memory and ways of seeing.

Steinar begun to photograph and film in the 1940s and continued ceaselessly until a couple of years before he passed away. The archive (16mm, 8mm, super 8, VHS, Hi8, SD, HD) documents both daily life as well as important occasions. Steinar’s recordings are accompanied by conversations between Steinar and myself about his impuls and drive to document and reveals pivotal and tragic events that has influenced both his need to document as well as how he looks upon the material he has collected. Steinar feels naked without a camera and sees his eagerness to document as a neurosis.
The project’s title is derived from the etymological origin of the word record. The Latin word recordari means to tell and to remember. Re means to return to the origin and to repeat. Core means heart.

30 min, HD, Stereo. 2-channel video installation as well as a 1-channel version.
Publication “Igjen, gjennom hjertet”, 75 pages (Norwegian/English).





Video still


Video still